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Thank you captain obvious--Is this really your best?

Way to put a lot of time restating keynote speeches given for the past 10 year; actually for the past 50. Don't forget the basics; we must get back to basics--maintain your foundation... blah blah. DUH! Sounds more like a speech given by a coach before a football match, than a well thought out technology briefing. Could also be the big all caps writing on a pamphlet.

BTW, those who aren't concentrating on the basics and shoring up their own networks... aren't worried about state sponsored attacks. They aren't worried about anything--because they're ignorant to begin with.

If I pay a lot of money to attend a conference, I don't want to hear ridiculous 'basic' crap from an individual who is on the cutting edge of information security. I can open up YouTube and search for this. Give me something new. Something I can't search for and find. Give me your best. YOUR BEST.

When I see crap like this, it makes me think the person giving the speech isn't really as smart as they let on about... it seems more likely it's the people they work with who are the intelligent ones, and they are the 'average' person riding on the coat tails of others.

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