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Same here. A few years back I locked my bike against the railings on the sea front. Came back thinking "What If I forget the combo one day. That would be annoying". I put it what it was, it wouldn't open. WTF! Proper annoyed as it def was the combo.

Wondered around town looking for options (as in going in hardware stores to look for massive bolt cutters). Couldn't find any was repeatedly told it wouldn't work. Found a bike shop and spoke to the guy there. He asked what lock it was. Told him and he said "Well some you just need to put tension on them and turn the dials. Then you'll feel it pop".

I'd called the police first, the local number to warn them I'm not stealing the bike if you see me with bolt cutters. I went and tried what the guy said thinking it wouldn't work. And my god it did. One of the fucking numbers had changed while I was in the shops. I guess the lock was cheap and must of knocked the setting as I was locking it. Threw the crap away and ended up getting one with a key instead.

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