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Grant Fromage

As Heaviside said "we reverse this"

My then boss was on hols in the states for 2 weeks, he had all the back up copies in one of those under desk on wheels drawer units. One of the Cd`s had got scratched (to the naked eye that badly) and wasn`t seen as viable media. I arrived with the brains trust trying to pick the lock to no avail in full flap, " ok we drill the lock out no biggie, however...." I turned it upside down, one of the drawers sort of wilted , a GPO #6 screwdriver moved it a little further in and it unlatched from the locking bar, bingo! drawer out and removed the bar.

We got the disks made, 2 copies one for where backups should have been in the 24/7 workshop, not a managerial drawer.

. It was paperclip and several years of old crap armageddon in the drawer unit though.

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