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Many years ago I had a friend at college who, for a kind of party trick, would easily pick the padlocks on student trunks.

Did this. There was a group of us (>45) going overseas. All our luggages were piled in our room while waiting for the hotel to come and pick them up in one go.

I had a metal wire and a heavy door jam. About 10 minutes later I was "cracking" some of the locks and interchanging them around.

We arrived at our destination hotel and within 2 hours of check-in there was a huge commotion (some of the rich kids called home to daddy) while my side-kick was, literally, rolling on the floor laughing.

When the owners of the locks managed to open up their luggages, the next thing they did was march down the hotel reception and asked where the nearest hardware store is so they can buy a sturdy lock, particularly one I can't pick.

What I didn't tell them was I could still open their luggages without touching the locks (via the zippers).

No, they weren't offended of the stunt I putted.

Yes, during the trip I was able to use the same "pick" to open a room door and the door to the bus. Fun times, that was.

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