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on Netware worked quite well. Support was pretty good too. They updated the software remotely via a dedicated modem/tel number. They would warn us of impending updates, should we wish to back up.

Backups were daily anyway, but they didn't just change the system without warning. Nothing ever broke after updates, so I guess they tested things. It wasn't perfect though. not every entry was validated properly, users could break things.

Only had to call a few times in 5 years and support was good, Once the help desk got to know me they never bothered with the script I was just told "a dev will mail you soon".

btw Micross was modular. As well as payroll it handled stock control, BOM's and lots of other shit.

But I digress I was just overwhelmed with nostalgia at the headline. What is the topic? Sage? What does that do again? Ah OK... Carry on ;-)

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