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Interesting list of competitors

There are quite a few interesting omissions from the listed competitors, not just Microsoft or Azure, but also Oracle, Google, Cisco, and pretty much every Chinese/Taiwanese ODM and cloud vendor (if you haven't seen how big Aliyun is you're probably in for a shock). The last time I looked, MS alone was spending more on Azure infrastructure per year than Dell has spent paying down its billions in debt. Once you add in AWS, Google and Aliyun, the idea of Dell trying to compete head to head with them seems kind of silly, so it looks like they only want to say they're picking fights with people they think they can beat.

The trouble is, that even if they omit the Hyperscalers from their list, they really are competing with them for customer mind and wallet share, and the Hyperscalers aren't stupid enough to think Dell thinks of them as their best buddies either. If you don't believe me, grab a coffee with someone you know at AWS/Azure/GCP and ask them what they think of "VMWare Private Cloud" and stand back a little to avoid the mess as they spray warm beverage out of their nose while they're busy laughing at you.

Thats intrinsic tension between Dell's go to market and the hyper-scale cloud vendors is going to make it challenging for Dell to "Dominate the data" because in order to do that they'd be better of forming some pretty good relationships with them, because the Amazure Compute Platform group have some very clear intentions about drawing most of the data that Dell wants to dominate out of the datacenters that Dell sells into and put it into their datacenters under their control. In their view a customer datacenter full of Dell kit is, at best, just the new "edge" that holds a minor amount of transient data.

Oh, and one more thing, on the line "Dell Technologies’ listed competitors have all either shrunk or had other troubles of late", I feel compelled to point out that NetApp has been doing very nicely over the last year or two, and I don't think I've ever seen George K hesitate during an interview, especially when he's asked an obvious question.

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