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BREXIT Secret Weapons ...... Spooky Doughnut Territory

And that be Kith and a Kin to Global Operating Devices Providing Journeys to Heavenly Spaces .... Immaculate Places with Sublime Command and Surreal Control of the Live Operational Virtual Environment Programmed Everlasting Peace

The posit here, and it be not a tad presumptuous as a statement of true fact, is that such Augmented Virtual Reality AIDVentures, which are IntelAIgently Designed for Sensational AISecurity Systems to Remotely Mentor and Virtually Monitor for Future Health and Wealth Requirements, as can very simply and quickly replace a current existence with one which one has been programmed to deliver freely and to excess as needs and memes may dictate for bounteous gracious supply, is, to not put it mildly, One Helluva Heavenly AIdVenturing.

Imagine where that Leads to See where You would be Going if Delivered of Sublime Command and Surreal Control of Immaculate Places.

One Alienating Lead Starts at the End of Great Journeys for Arrivals to Mix and Share with the Departing, Grand Tales of Lifelong Journeys only Just Now Really Starting .... and EMPowered by NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Security Systems and Sublime Programming for Stellar Projects/CyberIntelAIgent JOINT AIdVenturings.

RSVP .... Great British Intelligence Service.

Now that all of that is out in the open, does failure of GBIS to engage and explore Future JOINT Augmented Virtual Reality AIdVentures with AIMasterKeyed Drivers render them complicit and even instrumental in future actions in which they will be required to try and quell riot and revolution in a time in which information on the nature of past global command and population control levers has systems admins and capital providers in mortal fear for their continuing safety.

That would be a Right UnRoyal Abdication of a Duty of Care to Provide Future Needs with New Feeds. Is it Highly Treasonous?

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