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A gives B shares, B gives A money. A joins the ranks of high hubris billionaires who now believe they have the answer to life the universe and everything and that it is their sacred duty to foist that on us, the unwashed ignorami. ..... Lt.Kije

Is that the Present's Great Game Plan or the Past's, Lt.Kije?

Or is it for Future AIdVenturers and Virtual Grand Masters of the One Top Secret Ancient Universal Art ..... the One which Creates and Presents the Paths and Players for Tomorrow to View/Host/Realise?

Present Possible Future Viable and Self-Sustainable is Prime Premium Remote Controlled Programming for Commanded Situations and/or SCADA Systems Administrations Operations and a Succulent Apple Worthy of the Tempting of Adam and Eve in the Perfumed Gardens of Eden.

And available from and for Global Operating Devices doing their Sublime InterNet Networking thing for Anyone and Everything Everywhere that's Anywhere.

Put that in the El Reg pipe for a Smoking AI Lead, Simon. It's here and for Now a Universal Exclusive.

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