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All right, then.

There is no shortage of legislation already in force in EU countries to enable their state apparatuses to do exactly what MiguelC fears, right now. You could probably find well over a dozen UK Acts of Parliament that include such measures, ranging from hate crime laws via Acts against sedition and treason to public order offences, RIPA, and the Official Secrets Act. Future censorship and oppression of the huddled EU masses is not dependent upon the passing of the new Copyright Directive unaltered.

As for the rest of it, it reads to me like Google-sockpuppet-Soros-funded Open Rights Group useful idiot SJW bleating. There's a huge amount of misinformation being spread in this way as Google and the rest (but particularly Google) manoeuvre to protect their monopolies and loopholes, particularly regarding UGC. I understand the appeal of PC activism: when I was young I was a contemporaneous SJW. Now I'm old, I'm not, because I have lived and learned. It's the usual story.

Oh, and 'breaking the Internet'? In its current slurpaholic surveillance-capitalism iteration, sure. Go ahead, please, because on current form it looks as if it's going to need breaking before it can stop being the Wild West and mature into something approaching a foundation for a functioning market not dependent upon data slurping, unpaid labour, and straightforward breach of copyright.

Oh, and 'digital democracy'? A fond Utopian dream which, while nice in principle, the ruling classes were never going to allow; and don't forget that Zuck, Page, Brin, Schmidt et al are all bona fide members of the ruling classes. Turkeys rarely vote for Christmas, especially when they know they're benefitting handsomely from the status quo because they rigged it that way.

Finally, illegal immigrants? The name's a bit of a giveaway, isn't it? Most laws are aimed at hindering illegality, aren't they?

Good enough for you?

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