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I despair

Why aren't there riots over this? Why aren't there resistance cells being created, with freedom fighters destroying surveillance cameras?

My parents fought in WW2, and I lived through the threat of nuclear annihilation in the Cold War, to protect us against police states, where the authorities tried to monitor what everyone was doing. Out of that we maintained Britain as a free society, with (now) the lowest crime rates ever and even terrorism is not a serious threat (reduced to running people over with vehicles).

Why on earth are people willing to just give up all liberty and put an electronic tail on every man, woman and child at all times? The police have a tough job, and that is deliberate! If the police are too effective, if their job is too easy or cheap, they become a tool for the government to suppress free thought, protest, whistleblowers, activists, trades unionists and, eventually, even political disagreement. Policing needs to be hard and expensive so they are forced to focus on important crime.

Whatever your political interests, whether you are a right-wing abortion protester or a left-wing animal rights activist, you have to be really concerned about tracking and surveillance. How have we got to this state?

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