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And to an extent you're also right that the solution to crime is preventing it, not retrospective punishment for the minority of offenders who are caught. But arming yourself doesn't prevent crime - at best it might cause the criminals to choose a different victim

Interesting that laws themselves never prevent a crime. The laws only attach a punishment to the crime. Folks who know about the punish can decide for themselves if they want to avoid the crime so they can also avoid the punishment.

But as gun laws were tightened over the decades in the UK the gun crime rate trended up.

This also proves an interesting point. When the law abiding citizens turn in their guns, the criminals then can use their gun (which criminals are going to keep and not turn in because, hey, they are criminals) more freely.

What I would prefer is that someone also to add to their gun ban stuff that kills much more people than guns, such as scalpel and automobiles.

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