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Oh yeah.

<ring ring> <ring ring>

Hiya, darling...would you like to come round and discuss the divorce settlement over a glass of wine at half nine tonight.

<bell rings>

Aha! got you, you bastard! How dare you try and break into my house. Oh, were my ex. What a shame. What a terrible accident...

...and no, officer. I wasn't expecting anyone. It was dark. Late. This person came to my door. I felt threatened. I lashed out. What a shame they are dead and i get to keep ALL of my pension pot...

Bottom line: you can't have general exceptions for stabbing at home, or people will abuse it. The law, as now, says that if you use reasonable force, you'll probs be alright, which is as it should be.

Sure. You may be arrested while police ask questions. But they have a dead body. A crime scene to protect. What do you expect them to do>

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