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excellent read

The article presents the issue well, and is done such that one can translate to other countries stats, at least ephemerally.

I'll point out one thing that isn't mentioned here - although statistics can be manipulated, and often are, the stats themselves are not the only issue in the overall perception of the population. What I'm seeing over here in Canuckistan is that social media is coming into play, with rather a lot of 'petty' and 'minor' criminal events that would not make main stream media being 'reported' by folks on social media, and often being re-reported and mangled in the process, the result being a perception that 'crime is way worse' than it has been in the past.

And I can honestly say that over here, at least, house breakers are exceptionally unlikely to be carrying weapons, and the only thing they seem to be interested in are Macbooks. A good pupper is more than sufficient defence.

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