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Re: _By the way, you would be surprised just how many legal weapons are with the population in some Western European countries. Finland, Germany and Switzerland come mind straight away._

Actually, Finland should not be in this group.

Government records of firearm ownership count every re-sale of a firearm as a new weapon, and fail to record disposal/de-armament. Plus, when the records were combined from prefectures, a lot of guns were just plain counted twice. So, the official statistics show 10x-20x the real gun owneship rate.

The Finnish government is anal-attentive with every other database. But the politicos prefer to give a bloated picture of gun ownership, so this database is left as-is.

On a totally unrelated note, changes are now being made to law that will end private gun ownership totally (while government is trying to pretent otherwise), so the point is moot anyway.

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