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Another thing about the lack of general guns in society is that ammo is harder to come by. Determined criminals will probably always be able to get guns. But ammo is rarer, and the guy who sells you that automatic down the pub, probably doesn't have the full warehousing and supply chain to offer you spare parts and ammo.

There's also some argument that the recent rising trend in knife carrying is from young people who are worried about being assaulted, and so foolishly arm themselves. Often not knowing what they're doing so both increasing the chance that the crims may use a knife on them, as well as risking having someone stab them with their own knife.

So a better solution to this might actually be an education campaign to show that violent crime rates are falling, and have been for decades. Thus persuading them to stop carrying knives for self-protection. Sadly nobody ever seems to believe the stats - but maybe if we could beat journalists with them, every time they publish shit misleading articles about rising crime it might help?

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