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Looking at how many people are in jail in the US, it doesn't look 300M guns are very useful to keep crime at bay, and that's just those who have been caught. In exchange, gun-related deaths are much higher.

Anyway burglars, for example, are not usually total idiots and may rob you when you're not present and nobody else catches them. Nor everybody would risk his or her life to save yours belongings. A good alarm system may be better than guns.

And you may be surprised to know that in most Europe armed burglars are usually the exception, not the norm. Less guns around make them more expensive, even in the black marked, and there's better chances to avoid a stay in prison if you're caught without a gun.

In exchange, I have not to fear a policeman will discharge is gun in my direction when I'm (rarely) stopped for a check, usually the situation is much more relaxed.

It's also true that with high crime levels police starts to ignore minor crimes, sometimes for lack of resources, sometimes for laziness. Unluckily, hiring policemen not always brings you the best people, especially when the pay is not that great. Moreover patrolling is expensive, and some cash-strapped states may save on it as well.

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