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You entirely failed to read the article. Or if you read it, you failed to understand it.

UK statistics do not ignore petty crime. Even though the police do. That is in fact one of the reasons that the police generated crime statistics lost their ranking as an official government statistic - due to poor quality of data collection.

So we do the British Crime Survey instead, to pick up on crimes that either the police don't record as crimes, or the victims don't even bother to report.

Similarly this is why we use a large survey to determine unemployment levels. Not everyone claims unemployment benefit - and that also doesn't capture part time people who want more hours. Which the employment survey does. So we report the claimant count, which is always lower, as well as an official unemployment figure.

So we know that petty crime is falling. And thus we don't need to introduce new gun laws to deal with the horrific unreported rise in crime, because there isn't one. Once we've stopped being hysterical, and looked at the available data, we can know this.

You're also wrong about easy access to guns. Yes, some criminals can get them. But the current small rise (or flattening off of the continuous fall in) knife crime - is down to more people carrying knives. Maybe because the penalties are lower than for gun carrying, or maybe because they're easier to get hold of. If we arm up the citizenry to shoot knife criminals, then those knife criminals will also have easy access to guns, and may well arm up too. It's harder to kill someone with a knife than a gun, so if we have to make a choice, knife crime is probably better than gun crime.

I guess if we did want to routinely arm the populace, tasers would be the better option. Not only are they much less dangerous, they're also not so bad if the crims have them. Actually perhaps we should give criminals free tasers in some sort of knife/gun amnesty swapathon?

What do people think. Would the election slogan Free Tasers for Criminals! win many votes?

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