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Re: We need gunlaws like in the US to fight crime

"Robbers, burglars and other low-life will think twice before doing their bad things "

What kind of weird world do you live in? They don't bloody well think about it, or if they do, they assume they won't be caught. No-one goes around committing crime with the expectation they'll be caught, so they won't assume that their victims will be well armed.

"It has been proven that armed citizens get harassed less than unarmed sheeples."

Nah bro, sorry. If you own a gun, you are *more* likely to be burgled, not less. It's one of the reasons why I've never stored guns at home, owning a safe (gun or otherwise) indicates you have something worth stealing.

"women would gain a lot with a loaded 38 special in their purse to fend off unwanted attention from males."

I'm all for #MeToo, but I'd suggest that opening fire at street creeps might be a bit much. Might work in the office tho "our sexual harassment policy is all women are armed. First offence is rock salt, second is wood, third is lead".

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