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Ah that old canard. Funny that when UK gun laws was not that different from the US, in the pre War era, gun crime was pretty rare in the UK. As were armed criminals. But as gun laws were tightened over the decades in the UK the gun crime rate trended up. I know correlation is not causation but it works the other way too. Widespread gun ownership by the public does not translate automatically into high gun crime rates. Just look at Switzerland.

Now the one gun related law which does greatly reduce gun crime is making use of a gun in the commission of a crime an automatic felony, no matter how misdemeanor the crime. Those laws were introduced in the US in 1990's and the rate of armed muggings and armed aggravated assaults collapsed pretty quickly. The risk of being mugged by some guy with a gun was reduced to almost nil. Not only are the gun control people not interested in those sort of laws but the same people have spent the last decade trying to repeal those laws because too many of the wrong (i.e non white) ethic groups ended up in jail. So in the last few years the chance of getting mugged or robbed by some guy with a gun, usually recently released from jail, has gone way up. Thanks Reid, Steyer, Zuckerberg et al for bankrolling Props 47/57. You've put tens of thousands of criminals back on the streets.

It seems that locking up petty criminals for long periods of time which Three Strikes Laws achieved back in the 1990's greatly reduces not only the petty crime rate but the serious crime rate. Because, surprise surprise, the majority of serious crime is committed by people with prior petty crime convictions. Keep the petty criminals out of circulation and the serious crime rate also falls.

As for rehabilitation rates, under 25 years old, so so, between 25 and 50 very low, over 50, so so again. As its the same small cohort of people responsible for the majority of crime locking them up for very long periods of time during the prime years of their criminal career is the only proven way of greatly reducing crime rates

As for the environmental causes for crime excuse. Its bullshit. More than 95% of the people who grew up in the exact same dysfunctional / deprived environments as the majority of criminals dont engage in criminal activity. Its a deep insult to all those law abiding people who grew up in those environments when poverty / dysfunctional families / etc is used as the excuse for the small percentage of people who engage in chronic criminal behavior. Most criminals are criminal because thats their personality type. Overwhelmingly sociopath or psychopath to some degree or other. So lock them up for as long as possible so they can cause less harm to others.

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