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No.. the burglars just make sure they bring a bigger gun, like they make sure they bring a weapon against a defenceless old woman now if they are intent on using harm to commit their crime (most aren't, by the way).

And then you end up with a war of escalation.

Guns do not stop events. They amplify the response to those events. What was a mugging turns into a shooting. What was a burglary turns into murder. What was a shop-theft turns into grievous bodily harm.

And here's the rub: It doesn't matter who brings the gun. You. Them. Police. It just amplifies the response, not changes it.

This is in general, of course, rather than specific events. But US crime rates are no different / are significantly worse than Britain's in this regard. Your policy has evidence from countries all over the world where gun ownership shows either no correlation or a negative correlation to crime reduction, especially when it comes to the seriousness of basic crimes.

Guns do not stop. They amplify. They escalate. That's all they can do. And if you all have them, it's amplified much further. And then you all become accustomed to that escalation and realise that you haven't solved anything, so you need MORE and BIGGER weapons. It's not until the law steps in and says "No, now you're being silly" that it actually stops. We all know at least one local nutter who owns everything he legally can, plus a lot of things he can't, and who would park a loaded tank on his drive if he was allowed to.

If you think that guns solve anything at all, you need to seriously look at other countries where there are none. Where the crime rates are lower, the seriousness is lower, and the culture is more gentle. The US murder rate is 5 times that of the UK, adjusted for population sizes, and gun ownership is vastly higher. That's not a coincidence, even if it's not directly and linearly causative (some controls have guns and proper gun control, and their rates are much better than the US).

Guns do not stop. They amplify. You hope that you amplify it out of the other guy's comfort range, but then next time he tries that, he's going to try to ensure that he is comfortable no matter what he faces. It's a literal arms race.

You're honestly blinkered by rhetoric, "what your parents thought", and unthinking loyalty to a piece of machinery if you think otherwise.

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