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My understanding is that the only part of the standard that might require new hardware is a longer key length option requested by banks/defense, but that should not be something that would prevent updating consumer equipment that wouldn't be used in such environments.

I'm hoping to see upgrades from DD-WRT but I think they're dependent on the vendors since some binary only wifi drivers are used - i.e. nas for Qualcomm ARM based devices etc.

Since 802.11ax is around the corner, and that's the biggest upgrade wifi has seen since the introduction of the 5 GHz band, if I can't get my AC68Us upgraded I'll just stick with WPA2 for a few years until we start seeing 802.11ax routers for under $100. The security of WPA2 isn't perfect but it is good enough for most of us - not like I'm too worried about someone expending a lot of effort to specifically attack me.

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