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> If only we were given the option to opt out of all that crap.

You *are* given the option: do not go to websites that don't give a toss about you as an individual and run a charade of compliance with what at the end of the day are perfectly reasonable rules.

The websites that my company operates have a two paragraph privacy policy that simply announces that we do not use cookies, trackers, "analytics" scripts or anything else and that the only way we will get any information about you is if you call us or email us. Information which of course we are happy to share with you or delete at any time. We did not invent this, we stole it from other sites on the web.

What I find hard to believe is people's obsession with all that Google "analytics" crap. Unless you are running a marketing front (e.g., "news" sites such as this and the like) you do not need it and you do not want it. The only ones who are benefiting from it are Google themselves who take advantage of your voyeur tendencies.

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