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Good point on the light node way, I was not aware that was a thing. I suppose that eliminates my objection.

On the subject of reddit, I was using that as an example, but the point was that you couldn't kill the mechanism. You post a message in a monitored thread (give the system a list of two hundred or so to check, from any account. Every message gets read and decoded. Therefore, all you need to control the system is a key that can sign/encrypt a command and knowledge of the threads used. Reddit/whatever platform it is using can find your message and delete it, and also block the account, but you don't need either of those. The message was already read and acted upon, and you can send another message just by opening another account and posting with it. Perhaps reddit will take things down too quickly, but all you need is some online forum thing that allows new accounts rather easily and doesn't pre-check posts. Posting here, for example, wouldn't work because the first three posts are moderated manually. That doesn't hold for many other methods. One other benefit of the online posting way is that the periodic killing of posts helps the commander. There is little chance of the program getting an old instruction and acting on it when it shouldn't.

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