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Re: MLC and TLC are crap already.. QLC will be the worst really...

I assume you have a pretty extreme use case. The oldest SSDs(HPE 3PAR) at the organization I am at are Feb 2014. Their stats claim they have 95% of their life left. zero failures. Roughly 1000 VMs run on top of that array.

In general enterprise SSDs are so reliable these days that many vendors are offering 3-5 year(or perhaps more) unconditional warranties(MLC with any access pattern) on them. Back in ~2012 time frame HP came out and said that there was less than 5% of all deployed SSDs (on 3PAR anyway) had failed.

On the consumer side things are a bit murkier, with many brands and models seemingly being quite crappy. I steered clear of consumer SSD until the Samsung 850 Pro came out, have deployed Samsung 8xx and 9xx Pro/EVO across my own personal lineup of stuff(my main laptop has 1 850 pro and two 860 pros), with no issues.

I have one Intel SSD (the one with the Skull on it), didn't have anywhere else to put it so I tossed it into my PS4, runs fine though can't say I see any significant speed bump at least with the games I was playing at the time GTA 5 and Fallout 4 (about the only games I have played on PS4). (revised comment to reflect right year)

So my somewhat limited experience the past ~4-5 years says SSDs(all are MLC) are quite reliable, but there are certainly crappy ones out there like anything else.

SSDs aren't cheap though of course, last I saw(here on el reg) the raw cost/TB was still around 10X more than 7200 RPM(industry average numbers).

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