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Changing the license to BSD would do absolutely nothing to resolve the questions being addressed here because the BSD license does not even attempt to address the issue of what happens if you were found to be exceeding the terms of the license.

The question of "cure" is with respect to what does someone have to do to get themselves into the clear if they were caught violating copyright law with respect to a published work. GPLv2 as it stands does not address this. BSD also does not address this.

GPLv3 however lays it all out clearly that you if you bring yourself into compliance with the license then "forgiveness" (in the legal sense) is automatically instated. Under copyright law, formal "forgiveness" is required in order for copyright infringement complaint to be considered closed. The measure being adopted by Red Hat tacks that aspect of GPLv3 onto the side of GPLv2 without changing the license itself.

When you "violate copyright" you are violating copyright law. The license is your defence as a user against being sued by the copyright holders. A license that is more explicit in this respect is to the user's advantage. A license which does not address this issue leaves it up to the courts and the lawyers to argue it out.

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