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From here on, Red Hat's new GPLv2 software projects will have GPLv3 cure for license violators

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Changing the License Terms?

It's all very well saying that it's for new open source projects, but just how much of a new project is entirely new code these days? If they're using a bunch of libraries, etc. then there's a good chance that some component of a new project won't have the cure clause in its own license, negating the whole purpose.

Still, it's a good idea. But from a system point of view, that includes hardware, an OS, and application software on top. With Linux being the most likely OS chosen for a whole range of applications (e.g. a car I.C.E. system) there's still going to have to be the offer of the kernel source code, and failing on that front is just a debilitating as failing to supply the source code for open source derived applications.

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