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FC-NVMe will coexist to start with

Agree with everything you say - but I'd add that FC-NVMe is the easiest NVMe-oF to start using in my opinion and doesn't need to replace FC/FCP in the strictest sense.

If you have Gen 5 or later switches (i.e. the ones that announced since 2011), you can run FCP and FC-NVMe over the same physical Fibre Channel links at the same time. Your call as to when you switch off FCP.....and in both cases you're still using Fibre Channel (just running Fibre Channel Protcocol / FCP or FC-NVMe), so you're not replacing FC necessarily!

Compare and contrast with RoCE and iWarp - the game there is to guess which one will win (and it really is a guess at this point) and hope when you've pushed the button that you didn't buy Betamax.....

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