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I'm not sure but I doubt they were big Trump supporters until he became their party's leader. When he goes strongly against the grain of republican orthodoxy by supporting China in this case or more generally in his more protectionist mode threatening tariffs on everything, you don't seem to see them defending him on that stuff. They're conservatives, not Trumpists.

Note that they scream the loudest for standard conservative principles that any republican president would be supporting, whether he was named Trump, Bush, or Pence. They defend strongly against the Russian collusion story not because Trump denies it but because Fox News denies it.

If Mueller releases evidence and Fox was to change their tune (Murdoch is good at knowing which way the wind is blowing, so this isn't as impossible as you think) I wouldn't be surprised to see them cease in their defense of him. They'll be talking about how it won't matter, because Pence wasn't involved (which he probably wasn't, though I imagine he knew a few things and looked the other way)

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