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America has been chucking its weight around by trying to control what technology goes where for many decades now. Every time I've come across this its resulted in a loss of business for an American company -- people grudgingly accede to the US government's extra-territorial demands but invariably try to find a way to avoid problems in the future by avoiding American products and technology where possible.

We're now very close to a significant inflection point. Globalization has not only spread manufacturing over the world but also development. There are now relatively few technological choke points where the US government can hold others to ransom, and those are typically not because of technology itself but because of a combination of intellectual property rights and international standards. Just as encryption technology became 'not American' post DES (due primarily to the attempted stranglehold the US attempted to impose on long keyword DES) other technologies are likely to follow suit, if they haven't done so already. The US will continue to be big and powerful but will gradually become a bit of a technological backwater....and there are signs that this is already happening.

Those legislators are fortunately old and so will get replaced soon. While there's no guarantee that we'll get more enlightened representatives in the future (on past form -- doubtful) there's at least a bit of a chance that they won't be so steeped in a 1950's 'merkan mindset that they might at least understand technology. (To give Trump his due on this one -- much as I hate to -- he probably recognizes that killing off ZTE is likely to incite a lot of global blowback -- and it probably won't even kill ZTE because somehow the company will just open up under another name.)(He's a bit of an expert with that sort of thing.)

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