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Some of us have done that, and it does work. But yes, I'd have to agree that it does rely on the existing infrastructure and is somewhat parasitic. However it does manage to make ICANN totally irrelevant and it routes just fine.

are you just tunnelling private address space (rfc 1918 or other registered non routed addressing) across an internet connection for private use like connecting several offices together securely using the public internet or are you connecting to many other public networks via vpn's where the IP's in use on those networks you are connecting to via vpn may be over lapping with those used by the normal normal public internet? I ask as using vpn's across the current Internet is completely dependant on the ICANN IANA managed numbering system. you can use addresses IANA have already assigned to others (over lapping) in your private LAN, depending on how you do things you will likely have issues with connecting to anything on those real addresses though. I've worked in a number of organisations that have public IP's publicly internet routed to null, and then used internally for secure systems. The advantage is that you can't directly route to them on the net, they are obvious when you see them on the LAN (contrasted with rfc 1918 addresses) and its easy to null route them internally too. I'd have used martian addresses personally but was not my decision.

what ever overlapping addressing you want in your private LAN, you may have issues connecting to

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