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Anonymous Coward

Have you really thought about it???

Russia, let me think:

Have you ever been arrested under false pretence, jailed, tortured, having all your assets stripped?

Russia has very good track record of that against it's own citizens.

Invasion of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine anyone?

The downing of that airliner over Ukraine?

Skripal's poisoning?

Constant killing of journalists who are 'inconvenient'.

I am no greatest fan of USA either and they have myriad of recent history issues:

- Guantanamo Bay for the extra-judicial detainment and torture

- how they treat Puertoricans (their own citizens too) in the light of the hurricanes

- the list can go on

I vote for consortium of countries to take over management of DNS/Whois and IP:

Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and maybe, just maybe Switzerland.

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