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"It would be possible to use VPNs across the current Internet proper to tunnel a private address space, but you could not really call that an alternative Internet. At best, you would regard it as a parasitic network. relying on the thing you want to replace for it's existence."

Some of us have done that, and it does work. But yes, I'd have to agree that it does rely on the existing infrastructure and is somewhat parasitic. However it does manage to make ICANN totally irrelevant and it routes just fine. We did need the use of an IPv6 tunnel, but then we also ended up with a full duplicate IPv4 space of our own.

In any case I just wanted to point out that there are options worth playing with, at least for the small percentage of technical users. We're not completely out of ideas yet, and greater minds than mine no doubt have more suggestions, but being able to do these things represents some freedom.

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