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haha I actually should have read the entire post first. I went to the same website you did. I have to admit, I shamelessly download software from there all the time because sometimes I forget how good things are today unless I compare them to the days that came before.

I tried writing a compiler using Turbo C 2.0 recently. That simple did not go well.

Even though they had an IDE, it was single file and it lacked all the great new features we love and adore in modern IDEs. Now I managed to do it. I had a simple compiler up and running within about an hour, but to be fair, it was an absolute nightmare.

That said, the compile times and executable sizes were really impressive.

But of course things like real mode memory was not a great deal of fun. Also whenever you start coding in C, you get this obsessive need to start rewriting the entire planet. I was 10 minutes away from writing a transpiler to generate C code because C is such a miserable language to write anything useful in. No concept of a string and pathetic support for data structures and non-relocatable memory... YUCK!!!

I will gladly take Visual Studio 2017 over 1980s text editors. Heck, I'll take Notepad++ over those old tools.

You should get a copy of some of those old tools up and running and try to write something in them. It's actually really funny to find out that the keys actually don't do what you fingers think they do anymore. And what's worse, try doing it without using Google. :) I swear it's painful but entertaining. GWBASIC is a real hoot.

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