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> The third use case, which I've outlined below, is to synchronise biometrics back down to a replacement clock.

That is just a specialised case of "where the devices are set to sync with other devices where that employee may also clock."

Our system doesn't care whether the new device is going to be mounted on the old bracket or whether the location has multiple entries and is destined for a different door.

But yes, hardware breaks and occasionally with assistance of those who are somewhat less enthralled with the loss of the unnoticed long lunches too.

> Re-registering hundreds of employees is a little tedious.

Very much so. Some of these devices have linked relays to unlock doors, so you can't just let a user enroll themselves like this is a phone. You have to have a trusted party take those enrollments. They need to eyeball some ID (which employees may not even be carrying, and if not you need to find their line manager who can vouch for their identity). Enrolling takes a lot longer than clocking because you are also scanning backup templates and for some types of biometric scanning or photographing from multiple aspects to improve FRR without compromising FAR.

It is definitely less hassle for everyone involved to be couriered a replacement clock which can with about 5 minutes of configuration and authorisation go straight into service.

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