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Telemetry by Microsoft is Espionage flat and simple. it has happened for years while the US then decried the likes of other major countries. One rule for them another for US.


I do not EVER license Microsoft or other organization or person to use any software supplied & sold, licensed or whatever other to me to fulfill my purpose, and being required to be fit for purpose in my country of Australia to use my device or any device I have authority over or responsibility for, for their purposes whatsoever, Said software it is a functional tool, a device devised by devisors and running such things as telemetry at all, (silently or whilst excusing or justifying themselves using any words or statement) is for the purposes of espionage, but especially when it is switched off IS Espionage flat and simple.

The U.S. has decried Kaspersky for that very reason of using scan data for Espionage.

Say NO I command you to GO!

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