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It is dangerous to refuse to trust someone on the basis of not having a linkedin account. Their account is likely to have exactly what you already have--their resume, their references, and some contact info. The one thing that linkedin has that they didn't give to you is a list of many people they know, knew at one point, or who sent them a connection request when they thought "Oh, I recognize that guy". If you're going to look through that list with the hope of recognizing someone and asking them, you're going to a lot of effort for little reward. Any person with something to hide isn't going to hide it in their linkedin profile; it won't be there at all. If you need to find it, more serious effort will be required. I have a linkedin account, but not for getting jobs. I assume that my qualifications, my performance in interviews, my open source contributions, and my references will be considered. Trust me, there is no other information in my linkedin account that could help you. I have my linkedin account so that I can find a job there, so that people looking for someone might see the profile, and because they haven't managed to spam me enough for me to shut it down.

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