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I agree with the desire for a movie transcription. I hate having someone link to a Youtube clip & instruct "go to position $Time" to start watching a particular portion of it. There's no easy way for a screen reader to get the movie to navigate forward/back in the movie stream, meaning we just have to sit there counting silently to ourselves to try & figure out the right point. If we could get a transcription of the darned thing, especially with proper time codes, then we could just do a simple Control+F (Find) to jump to that bit of text & have our 'readers continue from there. No fuss, no muss, no sitting through 1H45M55S of a 2H movie just to hear some twit say "This is the part that goes BING!"... Uh huh, that was certainly worth the ~2Hours of my life I won't get back. *Grrrrrrr*

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