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I would love it if it actually read emoji/icons/pictures/etc as ":ants mobbing a picnic:" or ":a girl in a bikini about to strike a volley ball over the net:" style descriptive bits. My screen reader would have descriptive text to read to me & let me know what all the fuss is about. As it is there's nothing to read, the 'reader goes silent for a bit, & makes me wonder if it just shat itself over a bunch of control codes or something. I get to character step back over the silent part, hear it go silent over "a single character" (the emoji), & that's the only clue I get that my 'reader still works. It's not its fault that there's a *graphic* there it can't read, there's no text associated with it for it to read at all.

Fuck emoji. Fuck 'em with a spinning angry porcupine.

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