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Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion

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Wonder which new and exciting way they're gonna fuck it up.

It doesn't have to go down that way though.

I'm a vivid Minecraft player, a game Microsoft bought for around 2.5 billion, and we've had the same share of doom scenario's: it would mean the end of Minecraft because $Microsoft. And of course also because originally Minecraft is build on Java and we all know Microsoft somewhat competes against that with their C#.NET platform. This would be bad(tm).

Now, in all honesty they have made a somewhat controversial decision by renaming the original Minecraft version into "Minecraft - Java edition" while they focused themselves on the so called "Pocket Edition" which is now dubbed the 'default' or 'real' Minecraft edition.

Not a popular decision for sure, but it does make some sense if you consider that there are more players on the consoles than on the Java version.

But this is the thing: the so called "doomed" Java version is still going strong and is still being actively maintained. In fact: the Java version is currently used to pitch and test new features and ideas and after they have been tested and set up on Java do they get moved to the Windows 10 version and beyond ("PE").

At the time of writing the Java edition is anxiously awaiting release 1.13, dubbed Project Aquatica.

Microsoft being bad for Minecraft? Sorry, but so far I haven't noticed any of that. In fact I can even say that it is the opposite. Because also... please mention a game where you can play multiplayer on the PC and across gaming consoles alike? I'm not that big a gamer, but to my knowledge there aren't that many, if maybe none at all. Minecraft does.

There's a lot of prejudice and negativity towards Microsoft and sure: some of the stories are definitely true. But it doesn't have to be all bad. I've (sporadically) used their Codeplex website and that too wasn't all that bad. Heck, Microsoft was even realistic enough to eventually conclude that Github was the better website.

So yeah, I'm not worried. I think this could also turn out into a good thing for Github.

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