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You have suffered without red-headed emoji for too long. That changes Tuesday

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At Dan 55...

I wish I could give you about a trillion more up votes.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an utter lie to anyone whom can't see the picture in the first place. Eyesight going bad with age? Going or already blind? Kiss that fancy pictoglyph goodbye.

I know it's mean, I know it's petty, but I wish all those emoji using wankers went blind for a week & were forced to use nothing but emoji the entire time. Let's see (HA!) how well they get along unable to write anything & a screen reader has nothing to read to them. I bet they change their tune after the ordeal.

I know the kids like them, I'm sure they're fun & funny for those that can see them to enjoy such things, but *#)@!*#$%)^($!1!1!EleventyOneoneone I fucking HATE those things!

I'll get my coat, I obviously need my dried frog pills in the pockets...

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