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we just have to suspend Mr Putin's debit card for a while.

Not sure about that. The 1Bn+ Abramovich withdrew from UK investment project (firing tens of people who were working on the Chelsea Stadium redevelopment for him in the process) have been followed by others.

So if we are to suspend his (and his friends) debit cards that better be done now. In a couple of weeks time the money will NOT be in the accounts. In fact, what makes you think it is there now?

Well you can say one thing, no ones going to bomb London anytime soon without annoying the Russians.

It is a question which Russians do you annoy - the one that are on good terms with the one holding the launch keys or the opposite ones. I would not be so sure that the "fear of annoying the second group" is a viable anti-missile defense. As far as the first group, I suspect it is following Chelski to more hospitable and warmer climes now (along with their money).

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