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ILS 101

Logistics is funny. They'll set (for example) 95% Availability, and then be completely mystified why the 5% Non-Availability would ever occur. They'll make a series of WAGs (wild-ass guesses) for the input assumptions, and then be perplexed by the 5% turning out to be 17%; the phrase 'Sensitivity Analysis' might as well be Greek. They'll see a critical and expensive part, absolutely essential about once every six years, sitting unused for five years, and thus decide that it must be immediately disposed-of. Because that shelf isn't free. Being ITAR, the expensive item is crushed and ground to dust. Then it's desperately required the following week. They're really bad with wear out items; the sudden surge in demand for Brake Pads after 3 years would catch them off guard.

On the bright side, they're experts with Pivot Tables, which they feel qualifies them for a Fields Medal.

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