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'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops

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"expecting the driver to look up from their phone"

What part of "the driver isn't supposed to be looking at their fucking phone in the first place" isn't sinking in?

I'm quite glad that the UK prosecuted a Tesla owner for dangerous driving. He wasn't "in control" of his vehicle and the passenger in an adjacent car was correct to film the antics.

In the UK the problem with people doing "other things" whilst driving is bad enough that are dedicated motorway/highway patrols which specifically look into cabins to find that kind of dangerous activity - and the problem isn't new - it existed long before the rise of computer-augmented driving aids and thankfully the incidence of this kind of sociopathic behaviour doesn't seem to be rising.

When I was much younger, court reports used to regularly feature judgements requiring that driving offenders resit their license tests for offences that didn't result in actual bans - particularly for older (as in more than 10 years licensed) drivers. Perhaps this should be a more common occurrence.

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