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'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops

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Anonymous Coward


Or should I call you "Tesla apologist"?

Please tell me which cars have "driver assistance systems" that allow drivers to keep their hands off the wheel and treat it as a self-driving car, with minimal warning (and apparently you can buy third party devices intended to fool the steering wheel into thinking you are touching it so you can drive without the annoying warnings)

No one else is stupid enough to call their system "autopilot", knowing full well that in most people's minds the word autopilot means it can drive itself. And it actually does try, it just does a really shitty job at it and will continue getting in accidents until it kills an innocent bystander and Tesla is sued for $50 million.

They knew exactly what calling it autopilot would connote in people's minds, and lied to owners that the cars would be upgradeable to level 5 automation when they aren't shipping with the hardware necessary to implement that. Heck, it may be short of the hardware required to even detect a vehicle right in front of it, given that it keeps ramming into stopped vehicles in its path without even slowing.

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