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And I bet there are other car manufacturers out there who do have their own share of crashes with driver assistance systems turned on.

You don't hear about them because they're not Tesla. They're not juicy enough. They didn't advertise their – sometimes better – systems as aggressively. They don't bundle all their assistance system into one big "autopilot", neither in advertising, selling (in fact, while gleaning sales brochures of the big German manufacturers I have hard time decoding what exactly each of the system does, or how it should be compared to Tesla's system, which I understand quite well. They dowse the explanation in so much technobabble that it puts Star Trek dialog to shame) or in use.

That makes them less attractive to report. If the Tesla Autopilot fails, it is a story. If the VW Collision Avoidance System fails, it's a non-story. Because the former is seen by the PRESS (not the majority of Tesla drivers or technical minded people) as a revolutionary type of self-driving future, while the latter comes across to them as just another car part like brakes. Are failing brakes a story? There you go.

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