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That section of laguna canyon has "clever" road markings

Laguna Canyon isn't a side road. It is a numbered highway, and parts of it are divided with a center barrier. Parts of it also have an oddly marked "Suicide Lane" that is a great example of the city planners getting creative with the road markings. Hint, human divers get confused by non-standard road markings, not just computers. Stop being clever and use the same markings that the rest of the state uses.

Looking at the photos it looks like the crash was in a two lane section an the police car was a white SUV with blue lettering, not a full black and white. It also looks like it was parked by the side of the road, not parked in the middle of the street(which is a thing that they like to do some times). It will be interesting to see if the self drive had kicked out and the driver didn't notice, or if the car just went wide in the turn and plowed into the corner of the police car.

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