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Well sort of, it warns the driver that it does not understand what is going on buzzes and shakes the wheel, instructing the driver to take over.

There's a couple of potential problems. Having a recognisable alarm tone, or expecting the driver to look up from their phone and notice the steering wheel wibbling quietly. And then assume the driver can process the alarms and react appropriately to whatever the car was trying to warn them about.

But a modest proposal. AC shocks can create spasms. DC shocks kinda paralyse the muscles. The driver is sitting only a few inches away from a decent sized battery, so a couple of spikes up through the seat may be a more effective way to get the drivers attention. A few more spikes and you could probably lock the driver into a braced position.

It's unfortunate that cars have chosen public vehicles to euthanise themselves or their drivers against though. Perhaps as part of US law enforcement's drivers ed programs, they could point out drivers are sitting on more juice than Old Sparky used in the US Prison Service?

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