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I'd add to that line of thinking:

It's fair to compare accidents\fatalities involved per mile, but you should also consider the number of times that the safety features engaged successfully and prevented or reduced the severity of an accident.

People are looking at this with a very negative space point of view, only counting the crashes and failures. The big picture looks very different. Musk's recent rants aren't helping people focus on that, but it's important as it impacts every player not just Tesla. The basic technology is never going to get to 100% safety. It shouldn't be expected to, and in these early generations it just needs to be be close to a human driver, and work in a complementary fashion with one.

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury, and the number of self drive incidents is still tiny even relative to the number of miles driven. So I wish people would stop acting like this was in any way an issue worthy of the panic. I'd have bigger concerns if this was being used for unattended vehicles, but not with a driver who's hands are on the wheel.

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