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And worse ..

Use’s database of 20 million+ UK households to digitally filter through streets, postcodes and areas to find more of the same. Slice and dice by gender, tax band or lifestyle – and then when you’ve found the perfect list - send them personalised marketing collateral to their door in a few clicks. The data is yours to keep and because it’s all part of, when they make that sale, you already know all you need to keep your relationship going. Meet data – the secret to hot prospects.

Once a client registers a mailing list with BYM they then use the customer data in that list to extend their own database. Unsubscribing from one, for example Dauntons "GDPR compliance" (yeeaaah, riiight) only serves to act as a positive for BYM.

This is pretty much as good an example of GDPR breach as I have seen so far.

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