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Actually, the self drive is way more advanced than your giving it credit. What your describing is more like a 3 year old Volvo or Subaru Eyesight system, with basic lane keeping, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. Tesla's self drive tracks both the location and the roadway, and will refuse to engage on many secondary roads. It also tracks the lanes and the cars in traffic, and according to my roommate worked even on fresh tarmac that didn't even have the lane lines painted on yet. Autopilots on planes aren't contending with flying nap-of-the-earth, or through complicated air space, so even the comparison to current Airplane autopilots is inaccurate.

While the safety issue is a valid question, this is turning into another overblown moral panic. People who have no idea about the technology and have never even driven one of the cars for more than a day are projecting their imagined fears onto something that may not actually be as dangerous as the idiot behind the wheel. (at least in the US, where driver training is imaginary, and personal responsibility is less than fashionable). The reality is less capable systems than this are already saving more lives then they endanger. That's is by the hard standard of fatalities prevented compared to injuries or fatalities sustained in self drive.

I ride a motorcycle, and a self driving Tesla of this generation is probably less likely to kill me than it's owner. This is being re-framed in the press and public opinion as a public menace, when the net effect of the safety features are actually a big positive.

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